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  • Removal and Retainer Consent Form

    Congratulations! Soon your orthodontic appliance/braces will be coming off to unveil your beautiful smile! You are now entering an important phase of your treatment – the Retention Phase. Completed orthodontic treatment does not guarantee perfectly straight teeth for the rest of your life. Teeth have a memory and often try to move back to their original positions. Retainers are required to keep your teeth in their new positions. Regular retainer wear is necessary for your lifetime as your body is continually undergoing growth and maturation. Minor irregularities, particularly in the lower front teeth may occur. In summary, you need your retainers to keep your teeth as straight as possible. Failure to wear the retainers as directed, even for just a day, may cause a rapid change in your teeth positioning which may require additional orthodontic treatment to correct.
  • FOR MINORS: Parent or guardian must be present at retainer delivery appointment.
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