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Many orthodontic offices will meet the basic criteria of education, experience, and modern technology. You can verify that your doctor is a specialist in braces care by searching the American Academy of Orthodontics specialist finder at:

AAO Specialist Locator

After obtaining a specialist license, certified orthodontists can undergo the rigorous process of accreditation by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). This ensures that they have the necessary experience, knowledge and training to provide the highest quality of service and to best serve their patients. Furthermore, board certified orthodontists stay up to date with the most modern and innovative advancements in orthodontics, so they can provide the best possible outcomes for you. You can find board certified orthodontists by searching at:

ABO Board Certified Orthodontists Search

Let’s focus on some unique questions that can help you decide on the ideal office for you:

1) Will I be seeing the same doctor throughout my treatment?

The average treatment time for braces is 2 years. At your treatment plan visit, your complete plan is finalized based on your needs. Seeing different doctors throughout treatment can alter and delay treatment and affect outcomes. Having a consistent doctor who understands your dental and orthodontic treatment history will ensure a smooth process and predictable outcome.

2) What days are the orthodontist available?

Don’t assume the orthodontist is available during all office hours. Surprisingly, for some offices, the orthodontist can be available from only one day a week to as little as once a month. This makes it difficult for scheduling flexibility and emergency visits.

3) How will you handle your routine check ups and cleanings?

In an ideal scenario, your wires and colors will be removed so the nooks and crannies around your brackets can be thoroughly cleaned. This would typically require removal of the wires/colors at the orthodontists, travel to clean at your general dentist, and return to complete your braces adjustment. Most offices will attempt to clean around your brackets/wires/colors since it is typically inconvenient to coordinate travel/wait time between two offices and appointment availability. If a dentist is available on site, ask if/how they coordinate your adjustments and checkup/cleanings.


Brand Marketing: Make sure your doctor is prescribing the proper treatment based on your condition. Brand marketing is a very powerful manipulator. Many offices will try to capitalize on this marketing by advertising as top providers of XYZ Brand treatment. Others will recommend a specific brand of treatment that will send you down their marketing rabbit hole when researched.   Make sure you choose your doctor based on your comfort level with their treatment plan, options, and outcomes. Brand names do not determine level of treatment success. If available, ask to see similar cases that address your issue and evaluate their finished photos.

Phase I Treatments: Early orthodontic intervention in the 6-12 year old population is recommended to address early developmental issues or cosmetically for self-esteem purposes. If these issues do not apply, it is recommended to avoid phase I treatment to minimize treatment risk and overall treatment costs. It is important to understand that Phase I treatment is not your final braces treatment. Traditional phase II treatment (when all baby teeth are lost) will always be required with or without phase I treatment. 95%+ of patients only require traditional phase II treatment.


We function primarily as an orthodontic office with the support of a full service family dentist to oversee comprehensive treatment. Our entire practice revolves around efficiently getting patients through braces with the best results and least riskHere’s how:

  • Trained specialist in orthodontics
  • Long term tenured doctors
  • Orthodontist and family dentist both available on all working weekdays to coordinate care
  • Special Saturday orthodontist availability. Runs every 6 weeks on a traditional routine braces check up schedule.
  • Local team of experienced support specialists
  • Comprehensive family dental and braces services
  • Individually tailored treatment plans based on science, not marketing
  • Digital x-rays reducing exposures to the equivalent of eating 50 bananas. Less than your daily average background dose of radiation.
  • 3D scanning and printing to eliminate the need for gooey impressions. Also, improved accuracy for better fitting retainers/appliances.

How do we save you time:

  • Controlled Scheduling = minimal wait times (average wait under 5 mintues)
  • Comprehensive Care: scheduling checkups/cleanings with your braces adjustment = less appointments, less risk, and better results
  • Paperless: secure online forms that can be completed at your convenience requiring less in-office paperwork
  • Online Scheduling – real-time availability for all braces appointments. book on your own schedule and skip the front desk. available 24/7.